Accessories for bypass level indicators

Model Description
BGU Bypass magnetic switch
BGU Magnetic switch for BNA, Ex d (ATEX)
BGU Bypass magnetic switch, Ex i (ATEX)
BGU Magnetic switch for BNA (FM)
BLM, FLM-P, FLM-S, FLM-T Level sensor magnetostrictive FFG-BP, FFG-P (ATEX)
BLM Level sensor magnetostrictive BLM-SF-FM (FM)
BLR Reed sensor for bypass level indicators
BLR, FLR-H, FLR-P, FLR-S Level sensor reed AF-ADF, AVK-ADF Ex d
BLR Reed sensor for bypass level indicators (FM)
BLR Reed sensor for bypass level indicators (ATEX, Ex i)
FLR-F, FLR-H, FLR-P, FLR-S Functional test of Reed/resistor sensor chains
FLR-H, FLR-P, FLR-S Level transmitter / level sensor with reed measuring chain (ATEX, Ex i)
FLS Interrupteur à flotteur
LGG, LGI Illumination unit for glass level gauges
MSA Magnetic switch
Float level transmitter
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