Model GTU-10

Portable SF6 transfer unit

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  • Pumping SF6 gas out of equipment into gas cylinders
  • Consolidating part-filled SF6 gas cylinders
  • Filling of SF6 gas-insulated equipment

Special Features

  • High compressor performance
  • Compact dimensions
  • Robust version for the service
  • Clear display of the working pressure


Portable service equipment series
The model GTU-10 SF6 transfer unit is a module of the portable service equipment series.

Modules of the series:

  • Portable vacuum pump, model GVP-10
  • Portable SF6 filter unit, model GPF-10
  • Portable SF6 vacuum compressor, model GVC-10
  • Portable SF6 transfer unit, model GTU-10
  • Portable SF6 gas cylinder scale, model GWS-10

The model GTU-10 is an instrument developed specifically for SF6 gas. Due to the selection of the oil-free running compressors, contamination of the SF6 gas by lubricant is eliminated.

The compact dimensions of the model GTU-10 are ideal for mobile use. The fields of application range from the storage of SF6 gas in gas tanks to the filling of SF6 gas-insulated switches.

During storage of the SF6 gas, the compressor can liquefy the gas in the storage vessel. Thus, the maximum storage capacity of a gas cylinder can be used. The connected storage vessels and supply lines must therefore be designed and approved for at least 50 bar pressure.

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